22 March 2023

Énergir – Developing the leadership posture of new managers

Mandate features




Ongoing mandate

Number of participants

+- 60 managers so far


Mobilize your employees, manage work execution, offer, request and receive feedback, guide your team through change, foster team synergy


Provide new managers with the tools they need to play their role effectively, so as to combine mobilization and performance for themselves and their teams. At the same time, make managers ambassadors of the learning culture to meet the challenges of mobilizing and retaining talent.


  • Identify key interpersonal skills to meet the real needs of new managers in line with the organization’s culture.
  • Creation of a personalized management development program

Type of intervention

  • Using Boostalab’s Heatmap consulting platform, select the key themes to be included in the learning program.
  • Creation and launch of the Horizon Gestion program, divided into 3 learning paths.
  • Train and equip managers to facilitate their learning paths as new managers.
  • Train and support Energir experts who will be involved in the creation of micro-content for internal management practices.

An inspiring vision

A true leader in the energy sector, Énergir has undertaken a profound transformation of its business model to position itself as a key player in the energy transition.

At a time when the world of work was undergoing a major wave of change, Énergir set itself the challenge of evolving its organizational culture. Among other things, they aimed to make leadership and development a priority, so that they would be well-equipped to meet the complex challenges they were facing.

Energir has developed an ambitious roadmap to stimulate the mobilization and retention of its managers.

One of the priorities identified was to set up a development program to equip new managers. The aim was to provide coaching so that, by the end of their first year on the job, they would be able to fully master the essential people management skills that are specific to Énergir’s reality and culture.

We had to ensure that the development program allowed the learning culture to come alive while developing the identified leadership priorities we wanted our new managers to master.

Geneviève Beaulieu, CHRP

Talent Development Practice Leader at Énergir

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Welcoming around thirty new managers each year, Énergir wanted to set up a program that would meet well-defined criteria:

  • Provide new managers with the support and tools they need, when they need them.
    Evolve over time and be easily updated.
  • Focus on skills identified as essential to master in a people management role.
  • Provide managers with a learning experience that they can pass on to others.
  • Stimulate manager participation and action (animation, mentoring).
  • Lend yourself to the virtual mode

A decisive encounter

Renowned for its rich content and unique pedagogical approach, Boostalab teamed up with Énergir to co-create the program.
For Énergir, it was essential that each course met the real needs of its new managers. That’s why they didn’t hesitate to involve managers from various sectors, including management and human resources, to identify the issues they face.

Boostalab’s Heatmap consultation platform was one of the tools used to identify essential management skills: skills to be mastered within the first three months of employment, team management skills and skills identified as essential to Énergir’s management practices.

This is how Énergir + Boostalab co-created the Horizon Gestion program, which is divided into 3 distinct learning paths:

With a 3-month integration program, this 100% self-directed program aims, among other things, to equip managers moving from colleague to boss when they are promoted from within. For those hired from outside, this course familiarizes them with the organization and the rudiments of its culture.

A cohort course designed to equip new managers to face the challenges of people management, together with other new managers.

The last section aims to share management practices specific to Énergir. Topics covered include compensation, budgets and performance management. It features Énergir experts who develop content and lead co-learning workshops.

Un parcours d’intégration d’une durée de 3 mois ce parcours 100 % autonome vise, entre autres, à outiller les gestionnaires qui passent de collègue à patron lorsqu’ils sont promus de l’interne. Pour ceux embauchés de l’externe, ce parcours permet de les familiariser avec l’organisation et leur faire connaître les rudiments de sa culture.

Un parcours en cohorte qui vise à outiller les nouveaux gestionnaires à faire face aux défis de gestion humaine, avec d’autres nouveaux gestionnaires.

Le dernier parcours vise à partager les pratiques de gestion propres à Énergir. On y retrouve notamment des sujets touchant la rémunération, les budgets ou la gestion de la performance. Il met en valeur des experts d’Énergir qui développent les contenus et animent des ateliers de co-apprentissage.

I feel more confident about taking on a management position with this learning path in place. I feel better supported and better equipped to succeed in this new position.

An Énergir Manager

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A unique approach

The collaboration between Énergir and Boostalab goes far beyond the co-creation of content. In addition to offering a management development program, Énergir was keen to provide a unique learning experience for its team, which is why they decided to collaborate with us.
Our teaching approach is based on 4 learning levers:

  1. Team learning: learning together and actively (co-learning, exchange of best practices, mentor-mentee pairing)
  2. Learning by doing: proposing learning challenges that fit into managers’ daily lives and inspire them to take action.
  3. Autonomy-stimulating learning: empowering managers to learn when they need to
  4. Micro-content learning: learning through simple, quick-to-consult content, a far cry from lectures.

To make the learning experience complete, we have grouped the micro-contents of the various courses on our Teamtonic technology platform. So, with a single click and at a time of their choosing, managers can consult the content and pursue their learning autonomously. It’s an effective way of stimulating the development of a learning culture.

A positive outcome

Énergir’s new manager development program was officially launched a few months ago, and to date, some sixty managers have taken charge of developing their management skills.

The entire Énergir team is delighted with the initial impact of the program and is already working on improving the content of the various courses.

Other programs will follow to support the ongoing development not only of managers, but also of employees and expert leaders.

The Boostalab team is extremely proud to be a partner of Énergir and to contribute to this organizational transformation, bringing to life our own mission to transform the world of work to be more human and more efficient, one small step at a time.


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