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Courage in the workplace

Upholding your point of view even when it goes against the majority. Setting boundaries with colleagues. Addressing a performance gap with a valued team member. Taking responsibility for a difficult (and unpopular) decision with the team. What do all these have in common? The need to demonstrate courage, one of the essential qualities of excellent leadership. Would you say that your leaders know how to demonstrate courage?

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Why develop courage in the workplace?

A source of creativity and innovation, courage is essential in agile and high-performance teams. Indeed, to innovate, you must dare to think outside the box, which certainly requires a good dose of courage!

At the root of healthy relationships, it is also courage that allows us to create positive work environments where we can dare to be authentic and have the occasional difficult conversation. The good news is that courage can be worked on!

Intended results


Each individual knows how to assess their degree of courage to build on their strengths and improve their area of vulnerability


Teams have developed tips and tricks to increase their comfort level in tricky situations and be more daring


People can afford to take calculated risks and accept the consequences of their actions

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Sometimes daring to do things differently takes us further than we ever imagined. Do like they did.

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I am very satisfied with our collaboration with Boostalab. The solution completely met our needs! Our managers were not used to sharing with each other. The workshops allowed for great exchanges, but also for co-development that was appreciated by all. The fact that we also had a challenge to accomplish led to great achievements that were reflected in the teams. The facilitator, Josianne, was excellent, very attentive, calm, open, open-minded and bright. We will definitely do business with Boostalab again in the future!

Human Resources Director - Humanware

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We used Teamtonic for all our managers who took on the challenge of increasing the impact of their feedback practices. The Teamtonic platform allowed them to set development priorities, work as a team, and encourage each other to take up the challenge and thus succeed in changing their practices, in action and in a sustainable way.

Amélie Lapointe

Director of Human Resources - Ubisoft, Quebec City studio

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