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Managing the transition to hybrid work mode

As physical workplaces are reopening, many people have questions and concerns about coming back to the office. How to maintain the good practices implemented during the pandemic? How to manage the shift to a hybrid work mode? Discover how our solutions can assist you in this transition.

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When and why focus on this?

Your organization was 100% remote and is about to switch to a hybrid work mode? Are there doubts and questions within the organization? Do you sense a climate of uncertainty and/or concern?

There are solutions. By building the professional skills of your teams and arming yourself with the right learning tools, you can help your organization make the transition easier.

Intended results


Teams, managers, and employees feel more grounded and satisfied during the transition.


The good practices that have been established remain in place and open the door to further successful transitions.


Team spirit and engagement are enhanced across the organization.

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Make the transition to hybrid mode easier

Facilitate the transition to hybrid mode with a solution that leads to real action and sustainable learning. This is how you can reconcile performance and wellbeing in a simple way.

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Facilitate the transition to hybrid mode

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I had the pleasure of collaborating with Boostalab for 2 training courses that we rolled out at Talsom. These sessions were customized for our company; Julie, the facilitator, took the time to learn our vocabulary and our ways of doing things. The interactive format was greatly appreciated by our participants. It included theory, great moments for exchanges between participants as well as great practical templates/tools that can be used afterwards. I would also like to recognize the dynamism of the facilitators in leading the sessions. I will definitely work with Boostalab again. Thank you!

Julie Lachaine

Vice-president, Talsom

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Oxfam-Québec wanted to provide its managers with practical tools to help them acquire the skills they needed to master in this new remote management context. The virtual intelligence course appeared to us as a more complete and flexible alternative to a one-day training course. The videos, interactive questionnaires, and concrete tools offered online allow for immediate application of what has been learned within the work teams, and managers are able to see positive changes immediately. The process is a great opportunity to bring managers together around unifying objectives and helps develop interactions between managers from different departments and promotes cohesion.

Cédric Tremblay

CRIA, Business Partner - Human Resources Oxfam-Québec


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