A unique and engaging tool to consult your teams

Do more than just ask employees if they are engaged or not. Instead, empower them to be. Within our platform Teamtonic, a heatmap facilitates decision-making, fosters engagement, and accelerates the transformations you want to see.

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Heatmap features

What it is

A consultation tool that presents results with style

Average response time to consultations

A few minutes

Transparency of the results

You can choose whether the organization is the only one to see the answers or whether the respondents can access them instantly

Why did we build it?

Because the changes we like are the ones we recognize ourselves in, a heatmap allows you to map out the elements present within a group, whether it is the soft skills to be developed in priority, the current strengths, the values or the common aspirations, revealing a wealth of valuable information at a glance.

Intended results


The invisible is revealed


Decision-making is facilitated


People are engaged and transformations are accelerated


Why is a heatmap
so hot?

A heatmap reveals what is inside your organization’s teams. Involve and consult with your employees to…

  • Evolve or transform your culture
  • Develop a promising vision
  • Engage all the talents of your organization
  • Give meaning to your strategic decisions
  • Stand out from the crowd by doing your thing!

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Consult and engage your teams in 3 easy steps


Create enlightening, eye-opening, and engaging questions

It is the spark that ignites any process; whether the consultation is about the strengths, values or aspirations of your employees. It's what makes it possible to gather data on which to base informed choices about soft skills development and business priorities, channel the diversity of views and their commonalities whilst simultaneously create excitement, mobilize, and engage.


Consult the teams

The process is simple. Simply share a personalized URL with your employees so they can participate in your consultation while maintaining their anonymity. There is no limit to the number of people who can be consulted. The important thing is to put all individuals at the heart of your approach.


Disclose the results

With the results presented in the form of a heatmap, you can instantly see at a glance how employees position themselves in terms of their values, strengths, behaviors, soft skills, beliefs and aspirations. Make informed decisions and integrate them into your strategies.

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Start building your solution now and embrace the transformation.

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Client testimonials

Our success stories

Sometimes daring to do things differently takes us further than we ever imagined. Do what they did.

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We organized a workshop to reveal the strengths of the team. Using the Heatmap created a wonderful group dynamic and generated some great discussions. I'm really happy with the result, we will even display the Heatmaps in our offices!

Lydia Chalut

Human Resources Advisor - Groupe Raymond