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Get the tools you need, when you need them

No matter which professional challenge you encounter, stop wasting time on the web trying to figure out how to improve something in your team, fix an issue with a colleague or develop your leadership. Avoid trial and error at the expense of your colleagues—instead, use the tool that corresponds to your need! With Boostalab, you have access to a full range of practical tools and to the wisdom of your peers as well!

Using a Boostalab tool is like choosing a recipe from your favourite cooking show: you'll find the necessary ingredients and the steps to follow, then, like a chef, you make the magic happen with the elements you have on hand. Our tools can be downloaded, completed, displayed, shared, etc., for maximum use!


To want to develop and learn about oneself, is what leaders are made of.


Have you noticed that your communications are fluid with some people and difficult with others? This test will give you an overview of your strengths and areas to watch for in your communication skills.


Everyone agrees that workplace collaboration is important, but few know how to collaborate effectively. This test will reveal your strength that distinguishes you in terms of collaboration.


With their accessible language, Boostalab tools are clear, colourful, and ready to use right away, no matter how experienced you are on their particular topic.


Implementing ideas is often the hardest part. While good articles and speakers can inspire you, Boostalab tools show you how to take action.


Tools fit on one or two pages—perfect when you’re short on time, but still want to do things properly.

Why join?

Answers to your questions, all in one place

All kinds of enlightening solutions to professional challenges, framed as applicable practices. Each Boosta tool gives you both the framework and the freedom to adapt to your own situation, so that you can increase wellbeing and productivity at work.

A personal assistant, available at any hour of the day

We don’t necessarily get to decide when issues arise at work—sometimes they can even keep us up at night! Boosta tools can help meet those challenges, whether it’s in the morning or in five minutes. Every tool is available at any time, on every device, regardless of the hour.

Evidence-based best practices

Some organizational practices yield better results than others. Recent research in neuroscience and behavioural sciences has yielded interesting results, on which the Boosta tools are based—along with solid practical steps which are often what’s missing from inspiring reads and talks.

welcome to the community!

Ask a question, comment, or share your experience! The Boosta community shares the same desire: to combine performance and professional wellbeing. This fosters the exchange of practical solutions to the challenges encountered by its members.


By joining Boostalab, you’ll have access—in concentrated form and at all times—to the brains of organizational development consultants for the same fee as a single hour of consultation. And if you need more support implementing the practices outlined, you can contact the author of each tool to learn more.



Unlimited access to a limited number of downloadable tools

Communication on leadership trends and inspiration


$19 per month

Unlimited access to all the downloadable tools

Access to the Boosta community and to all the new tools regularly added


15% discount

Enroll several of your team members to the “Pro” membership

they've joined the movement

Within our team, the Boostalab tools led to a series of meetings designed to better understand and map out our influence network. The tools are well-designed, simple, dynamic, adaptable and precise. Thanks, Boostalab!

Anne-Marie Bégin
Social Responsibility Advisor, Loto-Québec

I was looking for an efficient tool to help a manager structure and facilitate a team workshop on his own. The Boostalab team was not only quick to meet that need, but they also helped me push my reflection further on other topics. I always appreciate how they’re able to clearly understand the challenge, and suggest well-adapted, creative and tangible solutions.

Melissa Barrett
Director of Organizational Development, TC Transcontinental

We approached the Boostalab team to help us design a custom tool. They quickly grasped what we needed, and gave us a simple and efficient approach — so much so that we’ll be able to use this tool autonomously for the next steps of our project. And we’re happy to know that other organizations will be able to benefit from this.

Christine Lefebvre
Lead Technical Training, Cirque du Soleil

Even if I work in an environment where everyone is extremely qualified, team management and human relations aren’t part of our organizational culture. I’m often pushed to the limit by the complex nature of the projects, teams and multitasking required by my work. The Boostalab tools were a great solution in my quest for efficiency: they’re simple, clear and concise! Thanks, Boostalab, for making my life and my work easier!

Stéphanie Gaudet
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

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