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You don’t have to be an organizer-in-chief, cheerleader or manager to be proactive at work. Every employee has the potential to be proactive and every organization benefits from providing them with the tools to become so! More proactivity means more leadership, more good ideas that come to fruition, more solutions to complex problems and more opportunities.

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Why develop proactivity?

Proactivity allows teams to adapt more easily to a constantly changing environment. And in a context of rapid change or remote work, this skill becomes even more essential.

For teams to continually progress and innovate, they must be able to come up with initiatives to make small changes and implement large ones. The more action-oriented people on a team who are motivated to deliver results, the more successful the goals will be.

Employees who are action-oriented and proactive are ready and willing to get to work with enthusiasm, not waiting for someone else to get going. If you want to provide your teams with more opportunities to excel with enthusiasm and energy and the ability to take action more easily, then proactivity is your key skill!

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Everyone has adopted new reflexes that will enable greater proactivity


Employees have become aware of the pitfalls of proactivity and are better able to avoid them


Teams have the tools to take action


Autonomous learning solutions to develop proactivity

Boost your teams’ proactivity with a solution that leads to real action and lasting improvement. This is how you can reconcile performance and wellbeing in a simple way.

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