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According to studies, three levers are essential for leading a team in a mobilizing way. These levers are directly linked to the fundamental (and universal!) psychological needs essential to wellbeing and performance at work: autonomy, a sense of competence, and a feeling of belonging. So where do your teams stand in terms of engagement? Do they know which management practices to use (and which to avoid!) to engage each member? Do they know what to do if the level of engagement is low?

Develop engagement

Why develop engagement within teams?

Studies show that there is a relationship between the level of engagement of people and the success of a business. It makes sense! The more people are engaged in achieving shared goals and are enthusiastic about their work, the better they will perform. By activating the levers of engagement, individuals feel more involved and responsible and their work gains in meaning and importance.

In addition, in a context where talent attraction and retention is a major issue, adopting practices that foster team engagement allows organizations to stay the course.


Intended results


Managers know how to activate the right levers to engage their team


The reflexes to exercise engaging and inclusive leadership on a daily basis are integrated


A picture of what motivates and de-motivates team members is established and an action plan is in place to address the challenges identified

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Training solutions to increase engagement within the organization

Increase the engagement rate of the organization and help people boost mobilization within their teams with a solution that triggers real action. This is how you can reconcile performance and wellbeing in a simple way.

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Build engagement within your organization.

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Sometimes daring to do things differently takes us further than we ever imagined. Do like they did.

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The ability to listen and understand our clients' needs, the relevance of the solutions suggested and their adaptability: three qualities that are always present during our collaboration. In short, working with Boostalab is simple and effective! The tools are aligned with the latest trends and correspond to what we were looking for: very concrete and action-oriented!

Senior Advisor - Banking Sector

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Oxfam-Quebec wanted to provide its managers with concrete tools to help them acquire the skills they needed to master in this new remote management context. The virtual intelligence path appeared to us as a more complete and flexible alternative to a one-day training course.

The videos, interactive questionnaires, and practical tools offered online allow for immediate implementation of what has been learned within work teams, and managers are able to see the positive changes immediately. The process is a great opportunity to bring managers together around unifying objectives and helps develop interactions between managers from different departments and promotes cohesion.

Cédric Tremblay

Certified Industrial Relations Counselor, Business Partner - Human Resources Oxfam-Québec