Psychological Safety

Have you ever been part of a team where everyone felt they could be their true selves, even when things weren’t going well? A team where you didn’t have to wear a “mask” to work – where you had the right to be vulnerable, to not always be perfect? A team where you had the chance to be listened to, to express yourself, and to find solutions to your issues?

If the answer is yes, then there was certainly a climate of psychological safety within that team.

Boost psychological safety

Why improve psychological safety in a team?

In teams where psychological safety is strong, there are many benefits: creativity, collaboration, and open-mindedness are enhanced; you gain resilience and the ability to solve complex problems together; your levels of commitment and motivation are increased; and even your performance is improved!


There are several tips and strategies you can implement to achieve a high level of psychological safety to boost wellbeing, resilience, and performance within your team.

Intended results


Participants come away with practical tips and strategies to increase trust, collaboration, and performance within your team.


Participants understand the three success factors and key behaviours to enhance psychological safety.


Participants know how to react when psychological safety is low or when a team member sabotages your efforts in this area.

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Training solutions to develop psychological safety

Boost psychological safety within your organization with a solution that leads to real action and sustainable learning. This is how you can reconcile performance and wellbeing in a simple way.

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Implement practices that boost psychological security within your organization

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Success stories

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Good listening and understanding of needs, relevance of proposed solutions and adaptability: 3 qualities that are always present during our collaboration. In short, working with Boostalab is simple and effective! The tools are aligned with the latest trends and correspond to what we were looking for: very concrete and action-oriented!

Senior Advisor - Banking sector

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Oxfam-Québec wanted to provide its managers with practical tools to help them acquire the skills they needed to master in this new remote management context. The virtual intelligence course appeared to us as a more complete and flexible alternative to a one-day training course. The videos, interactive questionnaires, and concrete tools offered online allow for immediate application of what has been learned within the work teams, and managers are able to see positive changes immediately. The process is a great opportunity to bring managers together around unifying objectives and helps develop interactions between managers from different departments and promotes cohesion.

Cédric Tremblay

CRIA, Business Partner - Human Resources Oxfam-Québec


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