The extended Boostalab family

Our precious collaborators

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by fantastic collaborators who share our values ​​and help us deploy our learning solutions through their unique expertise. They contribute, in their own way, to making the world of work more human and efficient.

Sylvie Beausoleil, collaboratrice Boostalab


Sylvie Beausoleil

Julie Bourbonnais, collaboratrice Boostalab


Julie Bourbonnais

Jacques E Tremblay, collaborateur Boostalab


Jacques E Tremblay

Chloé Gaudet, collaboratrice Boostalab

Chloé Gaudet Conseils

Chloé Gaudet


Consultant and trainer in organizational development

Julie Godin


Impact Crescendo

Julie Gouin

Josianne Lavoie, collaboratrice Boostalab

Services Familio

Josianne Lavoie

Karine savaria


Karine Savaria

Maryse St-Denis, collaboratrice Boostalab

Services conseils Pragram

Maryse St-Denis

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