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Team synergy

In order to work together to achieve the established goals, good cohesion within the teams is essential. But how do you maintain (or restore) team synergy when difficult situations disrupt daily life? How can you ensure that teams remain united, efficient, and fulfilled?

Develop team synergy

Why care about team synergy?

Managers should be concerned about the climate and interpersonal relationships within their teams. Indeed, studies show that the most successful teams are those whose members are kind to each other. However, many situations can disrupt this climate and hinder synergy: one team member seems to be less committed to the work, another is disrespectful to colleagues, or does not collaborate as expected. To intervene effectively and preserve synergy, you need courage, alignment with your values, and, above all, good practices.

Intended results


Teams have concrete steps to follow in order to intervene in typical situations that can hinder team synergy


Pitfalls and fears related to managing difficult situations are addressed


Teams are able to develop a team code to increase synergy

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Training solutions to increase team synergy

Increase team synergies across the organization with a solution that triggers real action. This is how you can reconcile performance and wellbeing in a simple way.

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Preserve and improve team synergy.

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Sometimes, daring to do things differently takes us further than we could have imagined. Why not do like they did?

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The ability to listen and understand our clients' needs, the relevance of the solutions suggested and their adaptability: three qualities that are always present during our collaboration. In short, working with Boostalab is simple and effective! The tools are aligned with the latest trends and correspond to what we were looking for: very concrete and action-oriented!

Senior Advisor - Banking Sector

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Oxfam-Quebec wanted to provide its managers with concrete tools to help them acquire the skills they needed to master in this new remote management context. The virtual intelligence path appeared to us as a more complete and flexible alternative to a one-day training course.

The videos, interactive questionnaires, and practical tools offered online allow for immediate implementation of what has been learned within work teams, and managers are able to see the positive changes immediately. The process is a great opportunity to bring managers together around unifying objectives and helps develop interactions between managers from different departments and promotes cohesion.

Cédric Tremblay

Certified Industrial Relations Counselor, Business Partner - Human Resources Oxfam-Québec

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