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Change: How to prepare for a transition?

The only constant… is change! While we understand this in theory, in practice, change is uncomfortable, generates uncertainty (and therefore stress), and is therefore rarely welcomed with open arms. Discover our solutions to prepare yourself for a transition.

Make the transition easier



Why prepare for the transition?

Because by activating the lever of kindness, whether towards ourselves or towards others, we can promote a gentler approach to change.


Also, because by adopting a new lens to bypass our limiting beliefs, we take responsibility for the things on which we can have an impact.


Finally, because by taking action to manage stress, we maintain a personal and team balance that enhances everyone’s wellbeing and performance.

Intended results


The participants (managers and/or employees) leave with 3 levers to prepare themselves for an upcoming change


The individual handles change with kindness, by questioning their beliefs and by managing stress


Tangible actions are identified to be proactive in the face of change


How to prepare the transition

In a 120-minute workshop, we encourage participants to adopt the right mindset to prepare for change: kindness, identifying new lenses to view the coming change, and managing stress. We also offer a version of the workshop for managers, with a focus on coaching their team in preparation for a time of change.

Client testimonies

Success stories

Sometimes, daring to do things differently takes us further than we could have imagined. Why not do like they did?

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We cannot overemphasize their determination, their enormous availability, and their unparalleled expertise in offering services to our members in the development of tools and training related to psychological health in the workplace.

It is an exceptional privilege to collaborate with a Quebec organization that was able to quickly understand our issues, find concrete solutions and create diversified content that is recognized and appreciated by all our members.

Furthermore, we salute the importance that the entire team devotes to maintaining this precious connection with us and, in this case, our members. We are pleased to count the "Boostalab" team among the CCAQ's valued family of partners.

Céline Servant

Vice-president, Human Resources - CCAQ

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All participants are unanimous. Not only do they come out of this experience with a good knowledge base, but they can tangibly apply it in their daily work, which will be beneficial in the medium-long term vs. other more theoretical training courses that come and go.

Julien Gauthier

Director, Human Resources - Couche-Tard Eastern Canada Divisions