29 April 2021

Raising awareness about psychological health

Project description






2 years

Number of participants

Nearly 130


Psychological health and co-development


The psychological health of workers has been a concern for the Corporation des concessionnaires d’automobiles du Québec (CCAQ) for several years.


In a first mandate, the CCAQ asked us to develop a toolbox to raise awareness among its managers and provide them with tools to deal with psychological health issues in the workplace. Subsequently, the CCAQ wanted to go further in order to develop the skills of its managers. In addition, the current context regarding COVID-19 has accelerated the need to develop these skills.


  • The CCAQ is a network of thousands of employees. Reaching different people on a large scale in the right way was a real challenge
  • CCAQ managers were very concerned about the physical health and safety of their teams, but were not necessarily all aware of the notion of psychological health.
  • The context surrounding COVID-19 accelerated the need for the development of management skills.

Solutions offered

Development of an interactive path to develop a management culture focused on psychological health.

Creating tangible change


CCAQ employees needed leaders who could proactively work on the wellbeing of their teams. Managers needed to be able to detect psychological health issues among their employees, but also to have the courage to address them.

The interactive paths we create are a clever mix of theory and practice. The aim of our solutions is to enable participants to quickly put into practice the knowledge they acquire.

In the CCAQ training journeys, we set up co-development workshops. In these workshops, we address problems encountered by one or more participants. Following this, the participants work in teams or sub-teams to find practical solutions that can be applied in their own reality.

Finally, with our Teamtonic platform, participants were able to set individual and team challenges to activate change.



Of participants were satisfied with the balance between theory and practice in the program.


Of participants were satisfied with the balance between theory and practice in the program.


Of participants were satisfied with the balance between theory and practice in the program.

Develop team spirit and a sense of belonging


Bringing people together on common issues when they usually compete with each other is not an easy task. To develop this team spirit among managers, we developed a self-assessment tool to identify commonalities and possible synergies. We then created groups based on the results.

The workshops were scheduled every two weeks. This recurrence allowed the participants to get to know each other better and to create bonds between them.

Being aware of the context


This was a completely new and novel setting for them. Some were not equipped for remote work and had to acquire microphones and computer equipment to do so. Our digitally agile team was able to support them in this process.

In addition, many managers had never participated in co-development workshops. The facilitators were very aware of this and made sure to guide and integrate participants who were not familiar with this approach.

We cannot overemphasize their determination, their enormous availability, and their unparalleled expertise in offering services to our members in the development of tools and training related to psychological health in the workplace.

It is an exceptional privilege to collaborate with a Quebec organization that was able to quickly understand our issues, find concrete solutions and create diversified content that is recognized and appreciated by all our members.

Furthermore, we salute the importance that the entire team devotes to maintaining this precious connection with us and, in this case, our members. We are pleased to count the "Boostalab" team among the CCAQ's valued family of partners.

Céline Servant

Vice-president, Human Resources - CCAQ

abstract shape

More than a provider, a partner.


This was not the first time we collaborated with the CCAQ. A first mandate led us to develop a dynamic toolbox for their managers.

More than a client-provider relationship, we have succeeded in developing a real trust-based relationship with the CCAQ. By working over the long term, we are also better able to offer solutions that perfectly match the needs of their teams.

In this case, the CCAQ wanted to take things a step further and bring about a change in the company’s culture.

We have been working with the CCAQ for over 2 years and we never tire of it!

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