At Boostalab

20 September 2023

2 min.

Official launch of our Heart Mail

Are you experiencing a difficult situation with a colleague, an employee or a member of your hierarchy? Is your organization undergoing major change and you don’t know how to deal with it? Are you starting a new job and feeling lost?

Where is it coming from?

At Boostalab, our ambition is to make the world of work more humane ❤️ and more efficient ⚡(yes, nothing less!). So we asked ourselves, “what more can we do to help people feel better about their jobs?”

As we brainstormed,some magical moments during our organizational interventions came to our minds. There was this one time when a person shared a difficult situation they were experiencing. Thanks to the group’s generosity and collective intelligence, the moment became enriching for everyone. Tips and tricks, possible solutions, sources of inspiration… even difficult situations can be transformed into great opportunities.

And that’s what we want to offer to all the members of our community: a chance to learn from other people’s situations! So, with this inspiration in mind, we’re officially launching a Heart Mail 📬!

Share your stories, doubts or questions with us. Each month, we’ll select one and our team of Boostalab experts will reply with possible solutions to help you make things brighter! To preserve people’s anonymity, we’ll change the names and use inclusive writing

Do you have a story or question to share?

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