At Boostalab

23 May 2023

2 min.

Boostalab at the Inclusive Leadership Conference by Événements les Affaires

By 2030, nearly 5 generations will be on the job market simultaneously… Talent will come in all shapes and sizes, but each individual will remain unique.

In order to successfully navigate this reality, Énergir has given itself the mandate of supporting and equipping its managers to develop a leadership posture that is inclusive and more open to diversity. The benefits of such an approach are considerable, and contrary to what one might think, the actions to be taken are simpler than one might imagine.

Energir therefore called on the Boostalab team to co-create a learning program for managers aimed at acquiring the skills needed to exercise more inclusive leadership. With these new skills, managers will gradually evolve the organizational culture to ensure that all employees evolve in an inviting environment where everyone feels free to be themselves, and can contribute and develop to the full.

As part of the Inclusive Leadership conference held on June 6, 2023, Événements les Affaires invited Boostalab to share this inspiring approach. In a discussion, Mélanie Lambert, co-founder of Boostalab, and Catherine Lippé, Director of Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion at Énergir, shared the reasons behind these initiatives and the concrete actions taken to equip managers and change behaviours.

The other presentations were also of high quality. The day certainly enabled those present to take a step back from this sometimes thorny subject and think about the next steps they could take. Many thanks to Événements les Affaires for this wonderful opportunity!