Free guide

How to tell someone they smell bad

This tool can be used for any delicate message to deliver to someone: clothing, smell, inappropriate vocabulary… No need to beat around the bush, to try to pass the message indirectly, or to find excuses not to do it. The longer you wait, the more unbearable it becomes for both the person who has to deliver the message and the person who has to receive it and who will ask how long the situation has been going on.

This discussion is never easy, but you can prepare yourself so that it is not offensive or insulting. Sometimes conversations go awry not because you don’t like what’s being said, but because you think the person delivering the message has bad intentions.

With this tool, discover how to approach such a sensitive topic with respect, kindness, and in the common interest.

In this guide, discover how to:

  • Prepare your message
  • Identify your apprehensions
  • Anticipate potential reactions