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8 February 2022

5 min.

5 tips to improve team productivity

The productivity of a team is its capacity and quality of production within a given time period. For many organizations, improving productivity is a major issue and a vital need. In this article, we share 5 tips to boost team productivity.

Tip #1: Have a good understanding of each other’s work habits

To improve productivity in a team, it’s important to take a moment to understand what makes each member effective in their tasks. Here are three questions to ask yourself to start identifying success factors.

  • Under what conditions do I work best?
  • How can my colleagues help me?
  • What are my logistical constraints or recurring commitments in my schedule?

It is important that everyone responds individually and mindfully because what works for one person may not work for another. There are no right or wrong answers. Some people prefer to work in the morning because they feel they have more energy at that time of the day. On the other hand, others will prefer to tackle the big issues in the middle of the afternoon. Similarly, some people like to be in a hectic, dynamic environment to feel inspired, while others need peace and quiet to focus.

Once everyone has answered the questions, make sure that the other members of the group are aware of them. This will allow for a better understanding of collective and individual expectations. It will also reduce everyone’s frustration level. And frustration, as we know, is not the best friend of productivity!

The key is to be aware of each other’s preferences and constraints. In fact, try to capture them in a shared document. That way, if there is any doubt or need, everyone can go and look up and remind themselves of the conditions that make their colleagues more productive.

Boost your teams

Define your team standards!

Team standards

Tip #2: Encourage communication

Communication is an essential element of team productivity. It is as important in newly formed work teams as it is in those that have been working together for a long time.

Whether it’s to get off to a good start on a project that requires the collaboration of several people, to improve team meetings, or to boost productivity in general, discussing everyone’s individual work habits can get you started (or restarted) on the right foot.

Then, don’t hesitate to hold frequent planning meetings or wrap-up meetings. These allow you to align priorities and needs. It is an opportunity to take stock, to offer constructive feedback or high-impact recognition, powerful levers for productivity.

Are you busy? All the more reason! Set up planning meetings at the beginning of each week, and a wrap-up meeting at the end. At times like this, good communication is crucial. You may discover faster ways to do things or a solution you didn’t think of.

These meetings can be bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your situation. Again, the important thing is to encourage communication!

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Adopt winning communication practices.


Tip #3: Be transparent

The reason planning meetings are so highly regarded is that they help align the team with the resources, needs, and final destination of a project. When everyone has a good idea of what needs to be done and where you’re going, you’re much more likely to get it done!

This may seem logical. But, if you want the trip to go well, knowing the destination and the different steps to get there increases the chances of success. It’s the same thing at work.

By establishing a very clear picture of what the team has to do at the beginning of the week (or month), everyone can focus on the essentials. The whole team can then move forward faster and better with their deliverables or ask for help if necessary. Productivity will then be boosted!

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Improve team collaboration!


Tip #4: Cultivate a sense of accomplishment

Team engagement plays a key role in improving productivity.

Rather than running headlong into the next deliverables to be released, it is very empowering to assess what has been accomplished, what has not progressed as planned, and what may need to be addressed by others in the future.

Not only does this give a clear and unifying idea of the progress of the various deliverables, but it also boosts the morale of each team member. Indeed, seeing the path accomplished is motivating. You could compare it to the half-empty, half-full glass effect. Instead of focusing on everything that remains to be done, you celebrate the good things that have already been done.

Keeping morale high is important when it comes to collective productivity.

Boost your teams

Adopt winning practices for constructive feedback.

Constructive feedback

Tip #5: Continuously develop the soft skills of your teams

In teams that develop continuously, productivity is higher. Indeed, when we improve our soft skills (or transversal competencies), we also improve our work practices. We gain in efficiency, speed and we feel more competent overall. Collaboration, in general, is boosted. The work climate in the team is more pleasant. All this plays an important role in the productivity of a team.

Research shows that organizations that over-invest in learning and people development have better retention and innovation rates.

Want to improve the overall productivity of your organization? What if you were to think about implementing a skills development strategy?