7 March 2023

3 min.

The ideal leadership culture

The word leadership is used a lot these days, but what exactly is a leadership culture?

The idea is to go further than a succession development program. It’s about embedding leadership in the DNA of teams, ensuring that each person develops a leadership posture.

In a leadership culture, we invite everyone to embody leadership. Because being a leader is not only a question of status. It is not enough to be a manager to be a leader! Oh yes, we all remember a manager whose reflexes (micromanagement for example) inspired more fear than development! No, being a good leader does not depend on status, it depends on posture.

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A good leader focuses on mobilizing, empowering and developing team synergy. These leaders take to heart the development of confidence and psychological security. They inspire by setting an example, by offering a model of self-improvement.

Just imagine what this type of posture offers in terms of results when it is adopted by all members of an organization. It is a powerful performance lever!

How do we create this leadership culture?

As you already know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t change a culture just like that. Nevertheless, you don’t have to wait 5 years before seeing the first results! These results can be progressive, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will see results…

The trick: take small steps!

The key word: simplicity! Start by identifying the soft skills that need to be developed in your organization, in order to create a leadership culture.
We offer you some hints: would it be benevolence? Autonomy? The ability to build trust? Perhaps the ability to detect unconscious bias? Or the development of psychological safety? Or the ability to offer feedback or recognition?


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A good mix of relevant messages will resonate better with learners than dense content that is boring to read when they have a busy schedule. Mix this with action and team learning and you have the winning conditions to propel your organization towards a leadership culture.

Some organizations choose to start by training their managers first. Others target a skill to be developed among all members of the organization. All of these scenarios are suitable for both the public and private sectors. You don’t have to follow any fixed rules: the progression is flexible.

Would you like to create a leadership culture in your organization? Know that the first factor that makes people change is this: people change…when they think others are changing! So don’t wait any longer: jump on the opportunity and start developing a leadership culture in your organizations!


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