6 January 2022

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How to improve your time and priority management?

Do you sometimes (often) feel like you don’t have enough time? However, knowing how to manage your time well is the key to doing what you love, enjoying life, feeling productive and competent in your work.

But how can you regain control of your time? Here are a few avenues to explore.

Work on personal time management

Take control of your time

Good time management starts with good self-control! However, two obstacles play a big role in the organization of time.

The first is lack of attention, or difficulty in voluntarily focusing on a specific activity. It is said that a person can focus between 10 and 25 minutes. Depending on the source, this number may vary slightly. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: our brain is constantly solicited by various stimuli. It’s a challenge to stay focused on what we need to do. It takes vigilance to identify our distractions and make a conscious decision to return to what we were doing before we were distracted.

The second obstacle is procrastination, the annoying tendency to put off an activity that needs to be done. If procrastination is acceptable from time to time, it becomes an issue when it impedes development and jeopardizes the deadlines and goals we set for ourselves.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

William James


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It’s never too late to regain control of your time and the best time to start is always… now!

First, identify if you have issues with attention or procrastination. Take stock, either by using our guide or by analyzing the situations in which you have encountered these obstacles. Then, identify the areas you need to consider to maximize your attention and challenge yourself to stick to them. Then, because we learn best in a group, find partners who can help you get back on track as soon as you get off track.

Finally, if things don’t go exactly as planned, let go. That’s what life is all about, sometimes, often, a lot.

Staying the course while managing multiple tasks

If your attention or procrastination issues are now resolved and you have regained control of your time, learning how to manage and accomplish your tasks while keeping your goals in mind is another area you can work on.

Do you have a lot of tasks to complete but don’t know where or how to start? Do you feel that you are having trouble deciding which of your emergencies to prioritize? If so, look into it.

The subject is complex and has certainly been much written about. It has inspired many authors and researchers. Whether it’s with the Pomodoro method, the Eisenhower matrix or Steven R. Covey’s clock and compass technique, prioritizing and focusing your efforts in the right place helps you gain productivity and satisfaction while reducing stress! Who doesn’t want that?

Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to first become aware of your areas of strength and vigilance with regard to time management. Once you have identified these areas, the most important step is to take action. Do you have an organizational and negotiation challenge? Do you want to work on better planning? Or is your challenge to better activate your strengths and turn them into motivators?

The choice is yours!

Be more proactive

What if instead of being in reaction mode, you went into pro-action mode?

A proactive person gets out of their comfort zone and innovates, is action-oriented, takes initiative, and goes into “solution mode” even when a situation is difficult. Being proactive means not hesitating to come up with new ideas, identifying areas for improvement, and taking the lead.

A person who is proactive has better control over their time. In fact, they have a better attitude towards the tasks they have to accomplish, they accept them better, and are better able to set deadlines that make sense and that suit them.

In the end, time control is undoubtedly achieved through greater proactivity!

Working as a team to boost time and priority management practices

In an organization, you rarely work alone. And for you to manage your time and priorities effectively, it is important that you and your team are aligned. By being aware of good time management practices, you will be more likely to be united in the way you organize your time. You can even rethink as a team how you currently manage your schedules.

How about challenging yourself as a team to better manage your time and priorities?

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