Human resource management

9 November 2022

2 min.

Year-end: How to optimize your HR initiatives?

Last sprint to meet your year-end goals! Did you intend to develop the soft skills of your teams this year and if so, did you succeed in doing so?

If you still have money in your account, here are 2 ideas to explore to use it wisely, optimize your HR strategies and get a head start on next year.

At Boostalab, we like to kill two birds with one stone!

Idea #1 – Invest in learning content

To this end, we have developed ready-to-train kits. A kit is based on the topic of your choice and is ready to use. It contains several content formats designed to promote learning. It is available in French and English and, most importantly, you can deploy it to all your employees.

You already own one of our kits?

Our design team frequently enhances the topics offered. If you haven’t looked at our catalog in a while, you’d probably be surprised to find a topic related to your upcoming HR initiatives.

Ready-to-train kits

Provide your teams with practical content on the skill of your choice

Discover the Ready-to-train kits

Idea #2 – Test a unifying learning experience platform

With more than 5 years of experimentation and development with over 180 cohorts, we have developed a learning experience platform that combines quality learning content with a proven learning experience and cutting-edge technology, which anchors the soft skills of your teams, managers, and employees over time.

If you have any HR budget left, this could be a great opportunity to test the solution and prepare the ground for next year.

Learning experience platform

Boost your teams!

Discover Teamtonic

If you would like to explore one of these two avenues a little further, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us. We will be happy to help you!