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8 November 2022

4 min.

Meet Julie Gouin, Boostalab collaborator

At Boostalab, we surround ourselves with exceptional collaborators who share our values and our mission. We can always count on them to provide you with an unforgettable learning experience. As true partners, these people help us make the world of work even more human and efficient.

Today, we invite you to discover Julie Gouin.

Hello Julie, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Julie Gouin, Executive Coach and founder of Impact Crescendo. I am a dynamic and engaging woman, in love with the fall, who invests herself every day to help people develop and flourish in an increasingly complex world.

How did you hear about Boostalab?

I remember when I received, from a friend, the first email about Boostalab. I think it was in 2016… they were sounding out interest in a toolkit that would help organizations be more human and successful. What a great idea! I thought to myself, “But who is behind this?”. I dig a little… to discover Mélanie Lambert. A year later, during a happy hour for C2 Montreal facilitators, I asked Mélanie over a gin and tonic to collaborate on a conference I was presenting to the Ordre des CRHA. It was after this first collaboration that I fell in love with what Boostalab had become, with its values, its ambitions, and its founders… and “the rest is history”!

Something about Boostalab that you love?

The quality of the learning experiences you design and the engaging way you address issues related to the future of work. As a facilitator, I bring my own personal touch here and there, but it’s all good fun for Boostalab! I love working with organizations that are at the forefront of management and learning practices. That’s what created the spark between us!

If you could meet anyone, it would be…

Mrs. Einstein (a brilliant scientist herself)

What is your Superpower in a few words?

Seeing far and making connections! It is easy for me to see the potential of a person, a situation, and even an organizational culture. I am constantly exploring the evolution of the world of work, as well as strategies and levers for human development. This allows me to make connections with my clients’ reality so that they can get the most out of it. In addition, I have the audacity to experiment with them!

What do you like most about what you do?

I often share my “thrill moments” with my clients, which occur when I witness their personal and professional growth. What a privilege! And since coaching is a powerful way to bring about meaningful and lasting change, it is an important part of my practice. I also enjoy facilitating conversations that lead to learning and broaden perspectives. I am a member in good standing of the College of CHRP’s, a professional PCC coach, a qualified Immunity to ChangeTM facilitator and a certified IED and Applied Neuroscience practitioner.

Any advice on how to learn to learn well?

Welcome imbalance! No imbalance, no development.

Soft skill

Develop learning skills in your teams

Discover the solutions

A book or resource that has changed your life and that you highly recommend?

I have plenty of books and resources that inspire me and that I share every day! I can’t say that any of them have changed my life. What shapes it are the unsettling experiences I’ve had, the new paths I’ve taken, and the perspectives I’ve discovered through contact with others. Among others…

  • My coach, in 2007, who helped me to see how much I was inhabited by a passion for learning and human development
  • My 30-foot fall while climbing, where I broke both my feet… into pieces. I don’t recommend it, but it’s life-changing! It forced me to slow down, gain perspective and dare to move forward in the direction of my dreams (this experience was instrumental in my decision to go into business).
  • The research of Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey and Lisa Feldman Barrett, which highlights the foundations of human development, a learning culture, and the neuroscience of emotions. Prepare to be thrown off your feet!

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