30 August 2022

3 min.

5 characteristics of a mobilizing and engaging work culture

A few weeks ago, we shared with you 5 symptoms of a dysfunctional organizational culture. Today, we want to show you what a strong, mobilizing, and engaging culture looks like. So here are 5 characteristics that are found in organizations with a great work culture.

1. Low turnover and improved talent retention

According to a Columbia University study, in organizations where the organizational culture is strong, the turnover rate drops to 13.9% (compared to 48.4% in the opposite case). Clearly, when you love your organization, your work, and your colleagues, you are much less likely to leave!

For organizations facing workforce shortage issues, building a strong work culture can be a real payoff strategy to better retain their top talent.

2. Engaged teams connected to the organization’s values: a strong sense of belonging

In organizations with a strong and kind work culture, people are committed to achieving common goals and are enthusiastic at work. They feel involved, and empowered and find meaning and joy in their work. There is a strong mobilization within the teams and a sense of belonging and wellbeing within the organization.


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3. Performance is the name of the game

The performance of an organization is intimately linked to the mobilization of its personnel. According to Gallup, happy and motivated teams and employees are 21% more profitable than unmotivated teams.

When teams are engaged, when best management practices are applied, it makes teams want to excel and that’s when the magic happens!

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4. Trust reigns and there is a smile on everyone’s lips

In organizations with a healthy and engaging work culture, people trust each other. They know their responsibilities and know they can trust their teams.

Psychological safety is present at all levels. Everyone in the organization can be vulnerable because they know they will not be judged but supported in the trials they go through.

In addition, there is a smile on everyone’s face. We work, but we enjoy what we do and even have fun!

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5. The culture knows how to evolve with the people who are part of it

A work culture is not a book that is written at the beginning of an adventure and then left in the closet. It evolves and is co-constructed with all the people who build the organization.

For a long time, authors such as Jim Collins have demonstrated that companies that demonstrate great performance year after year are those that align their processes such as recruitment, development and personnel management with well-defined values shared by the company.

And making your culture extraordinary can simply start by making sure you rethink your practices in hybrid mode and align them with your values.

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