7 January 2022

2 min.

How to reduce hyperconnectivty?

We cannot talk about optimal time management without talking about hyperconnectivity.

What is hyperconnectivity?

Hyperconnectivity is the fact of being permanently connected to our technological tools and networks. Despite the many benefits of technology, there are more and more negative impacts, both physical and psychological, beyond a certain threshold of use.

Why reduce your hyperconnectivity?

Do you check and respond to your emails as soon as they come in? Do you feel discomfort when your smartphone is not with you or fails you? Do you find it difficult to stay focused in your video conferences because of the many notifications you receive simultaneously on your different platforms? The more you use technology excessively, the greater the risk of developing an addiction. What about your behaviours when dealing with all these tools?

By reducing your hyperconnectivity, you can re-establish a healthy relationship with technological tools (and learn to love Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Slack again!). These will become your friends rather than your enemies again and help you with your time management.

How to reduce your hyperconnectivity?

Start by conducting an initial review of the interactions you have with technology during a typical week. Then, take a moment to reflect on what really matters to you. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine which automatic habits you need to change and take action. Changing a habit isn’t easy, but taking the time to understand the benefits you would gain will make it easier to do so.

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