7 December 2022

2 min.

28 team challenge ideas to explore for 2023

If you’re looking to (re)engage teams and build cohesion among members, setting team challenges is a practice to try immediately. A good team challenge addresses what is important to the team members. Therefore, it is stimulating and leads you to roll up your sleeves, together, to achieve it in a given time frame.

It is deciding, together and now, to provoke and use the forces in place in order to surpass oneself.

Want to get started? Here are 28 team challenge ideas to explore.

  1. Create a team code
  2. Identify new rituals that are unique to our team and that make us proud to be part of it
  3. Better support each other and share our learning
  4. Better share and celebrate pride and accomplishments
  5. Getting to know each other better to develop team spirit
  6. Become the best at exchanging feedback and recognition
  7. Better manage our time, priorities and tasks to maximize our fulfillment at work
  8. Practice delegation for the purpose of growing team members
  9. Collaborate better together in hybrid mode
  10. Use collaboration tools effectively
  11. Make our team meetings more effective and enjoyable
  12. Break down silos – connect with colleagues you don’t know as well
  13. Boost the pleasure of working together
  14. Engage our employees in order to increase team mobilization
  15. Promote the integration of newcomers – coach the most junior ones
  16. Create mentoring opportunities to develop
  17. Getting to know each other better as leaders
  18. Learning to learn as a team
  19. Take responsibility and develop our team’s proactive reflexes
  20. Do post-mortems on our latest projects and consolidate learning
  21. Create an environment where everyone can express their opinions
  22. Prevent incivility – name disruptive behaviour as soon as you see it
  23. Increase the well-being of the team
  24. Become a pro at active listening
  25. Facilitate handovers between team members
  26. Step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves
  27. Simplify one of our processes
  28. Increase customer satisfaction

You have chosen a challenge that stimulates all the members of your team and want to take action? Our Teamtonic platform makes it easy to launch and follow up on team challenges and offers you a process for successfully completing them. Try the adventure!

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