17 January 2023

3 min.

17 ideas for personal challenges to improve interpersonal skills

One of the special features of our Teamtonic platform is the possibility to set team challenges that can also be turned into personal challenges.

We’ve dug into our archives to share with you some of the best personal challenges that people have set for themselves with Teamtonic.

We hope these great ideas will inspire you to take action to become an even better version of yourself.

5 challenges to develop your leadership and your ability to align and delegate

  1. I will practice feeling more comfortable with the process of delegating tasks and empowering the team
  2. I will take the time to make a list of activities that I could delegate
  3. I will delegate 2 tasks to each member of my team to grow them, and do regular follow-ups to support them without micromanaging
  4. During my follow-up meetings, I will let the person find solutions on their own
  5. I will review outdated processes in our reduced capacity team to gain efficiency and be able to protect the team from non-priority external requests
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5 challenges to develop your ability to mobilize your teams

  1. I will provide feedback one or twice per week geared towards developing the strengths of each individual in order to promote the success of the people I am giving feedback to
  2. I will give more flexibility in prioritizing tasks and involve my team in deciding and preparing timelines
  3. I will make sure to give feedback more regularly and fairly (including those who are less noticed) in order to positively affect their motivation
  4. In the current sales downturn, I want to keep the team’s buy-in and fire burning by sharing other performance indicators that are positive
  5. I will organize a meeting to determine, as a team, our challenges and activities for next year in order to increase team synergy

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7 challenges to develop your relational agility and courage at work

  1. I will better structure my interventions in team meetings
  2. I will analyze the successes and failures of my daily interventions to learn from them and put them into practice
  3. I will learn to take my place in team meetings
  4. I will dare, once a week, to express my opinion in a clear and transparent way, even if it does not go in the direction of the majority
  5. I will get an idea or something from my colleagues that is completely different from mine
  6. I will work on my proximity bias by taking an interest in someone who is not part of my team or my daily life
  7. I will intentionally choose to team up with someone I consider different from me and who has different opinions from me

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