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Learning activities

To reinforce the content we offer via Teamtonic and our ready-to-train kits, we can organize learning activities that boost engagement and strengthen skills.

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The blitz

A blitz is a peer-to-peer learning opportunity that tackles a particular theme head-on.
The facilitator helps learners expand their thinking through scenarios or other participatory activities that reinforce the skills acquired from the content they received.

In a simple, effective way, blitz participants strengthen their autonomy, remain engaged and put their new skills to use immediately. A blitz lasts in average 3 hours, and each group is made up of a maximum of 12 participants per cohort.


Co-development workshop

A co-development workshop is a standardized workshop in which one participant presents an
issue they are currently experiencing to their colleagues. In these workshops, the other
participants use their experience and the skills they have learned to offer suggestions and possible solutions.

Each workshop includes 5 to 12 people, and lasts between 90 and 120 minutes, depending on
the size of the group. Experience has shown that all participants leave the workshop with new concepts that can be applied to their own situations.


Learning path

Learning paths or development programs are composed of various workshops, and are
designed to guide learners through their learning process and complement content that they
have already received. During the journey, participants explore the training content
independently at their own pace. This creates an opportunity for special gatherings, where
participants can learn together and have meaningful discussions rather than training in a formal way. Participants feel that they are in control of their own development, and are more engaged in the learning process.

Talking and sharing impressions with colleagues as a learning community is an inexhaustible source of development. After a few weeks, new behaviours will appear… and stay.

activités d apprentissage

Train the trainers

We offer interested organizations all the tools and support they need to successfully coordinate and facilitate effective, energizing internal learning activities featuring Boostalab’s own methodology and refreshing style.
If you want to become independent quickly by taking advantage of our expertise, and make
your teams responsible for their own development, we can help.

activités d apprentissage

Other creative ideas are welcome

Why not use quizzes to teach micro-content? Or launch an organization-wide challenge? We’re open to creating any learning experience that promotes memorability and putting new
concepts to use.

activités d apprentissage

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Client testimonials

Our success stories

Sometimes daring to do things differently takes us further than we ever imagined.

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We had a challenge to address, which was to quickly offer a development program adapted to the reality of our organization for our managers. This course had to allow them to be better equipped to deal with the remote management of their teams in a completely new context. Boostalab offered us an approach, a platform, and content that met our expectations and needs. We greatly appreciated the quality of their facilitation interventions.

Isabeau Normandin

Vice-President, Talent and Culture- Croix Bleue

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All participants are unanimous. Not only do they come out of this experience with a good knowledge base, but they can tangibly apply it in their daily work, which will be beneficial in the medium-long term vs. other more theoretical training courses that come and go.

Julien Gauthier

Director, Human Resources - Couche-Tard