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Our team can probably meet your need through one of the following complementary services:

Corporate Memberships

Did you know that you can give your entire management team access to Boostalab? This allows you to encourage the implementation, by all your management team, of practices which foster both wellbeing and performance, while saving some money in the process. Be prepared: you could find yourself on the cover of Fast Company next year! The more people you include in this membership, the more you’ll save!

Custom Guide Development

You need a guide that doesn’t exist yet? You’d like to have specific guides developed to meet your organization’s needs? We’re here for you! Once developed, these guides will be depersonalized and shared on boostalab.com, so that the entire community can benefit from them.

Purchase the Rights to Certain Guides

You’d like to adapt some Boostalab guides, or have them branded especially for your organization? That’s possible too! All our guides are made with PowerPoint (for real!) so that they’re easily adaptable. Imagine how much time you’ll save! You can purchase them individually or in sets.

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