Autonomous learning

17 March 2022

3 min.

The 5 key skills of a learning team

We tend to think of learning as something that happens in the classroom, when we are young. What we don’t realize is how much we learn throughout our lives, and this is certainly true in our work.

Let’s take a moment to look at what exactly a learning organization is and the characteristics of a learning team.

Curiosity and exploration

We all want to improve and fulfill ourselves in our personal lives, and this is also true in our professional lives. To do so, it is important to feel that we can explore our areas of interest and direct our career according to the strengths and abilities we develop over time. The same goes for our colleagues; sharing information, tips and tricks can contribute to the development of our teammates and thus raise the level of performance of the entire team.


Learning is really everyone’s business, employees and managers alike, regardless of our position in the organization. Everyone is responsible for contributing to their own development and that of their colleagues and team. And it’s important not to wait for the annual performance review period before sharing information that is crucial to everyone’s learning efforts. A learning team makes sure to create spaces for exchange and collaboration to facilitate the sharing of information.

Boost your teams

Adopt best practices in regards to collaboration.


Be comfortable with discomfort

Learning is uncomfortable. To be able to develop and grow in an organization, learning teams know that they need to provoke situations where they try new things, try new approaches. An organization that encourages its teams to think outside the box will be rewarded with inspired and empowered employees.

Know how to establish psychological safety

The learning process requires a great deal of vulnerability, and to be able to push yourself, it is essential to feel safe. It is important to promote honest and open discussion at all levels of the organization and to foster a culture where everyone can speak up and ask questions. Ensure that the right conditions are in place for employees to feel psychologically safe. Long-term performance is certainly dependent on the wellbeing of team members.

Boost your teams

Learn how to create psychological safety in a sustainable way.

Psychological Safety

Be ready for anything, except… not learning

What really sums up the approach of learning organizations is that the only thing you are not allowed to do in your job is not learn. These organizations don’t just let their teams explore and express themselves; they provoke and encourage each employee to experiment, to dare. Making mistakes is part of any learning process, and learning from our mistakes is how we become the best version of ourselves!

Putting all of these skills together is a winning recipe for a team to excel and get through the tough times. And the good news is that it’s never too late to develop the skills of a learning team so that we can grow and be the best we can be, to the benefit of all!