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17 August 2021

5 min.

Which Boostalab solution fits you best?

If you have been following us for some time via our newsletter or social networks, you know that we are constantly developing more autonomous learning solutions.

Wondering what autonomous learning is or whether it can be beneficial to your organization? This article is for you!

What is an autonomous learning solution?

Autonomous learning solutions are the next generation of training solutions.

As you know, one of our strengths is the creation of practical training content. We take the concepts and advances of neuroscience and apply them to the world of work by making them accessible to a wide audience.

But what you may not know yet is that we are passionate about learning. Internally, we take advantage of every opportunity to learn and improve. And with the solutions we implement for our clients, we’ve developed a true expertise on how to learn better.

Above all, we strongly believe in the power of autonomous learning. Autonomous learning is, among other things, the ability to take care of your own learning and training when you want to.

However, at work, it’s not always easy to fit training time into an already busy schedule. With our autonomous learning solutions, employees, leaders, and managers can learn and develop their soft skills, independently and through action, at the pace that suits them.

Which autonomous learning solutions should I choose?

I want to develop my soft skills and/or those of my small team

Working alone or in a small company does not mean a lack of personal and professional development! On the contrary! Acquiring new relational skills can be a springboard for a new job, strategic partnerships, or improved collaborations.

If this sounds like you, the Toolbox individual subscription plan is for you. In the Toolbox, you have access to dozens of guides and webinars to help you grow and access solutions that address your daily challenges.

Some of the guides that might be of interest to you:

If you have a small team, contact us for a team subscription plan that will most likely be more interesting for you.


Access practical tools to develop your skills and help you address your daily challenges.


I work in a large organization and I would like to provide our employees with tools to address their specific issues

If you are part of an organization with a large number of employees, there is a good chance that everyone’s needs will continually differ.

With a corporate subscription to the Toolbox, you can give all employees and managers access to a wide variety of practical resources to help them address specific issues as soon as they arise.

A manager is about to have their first conversation with a new employee and lacks confidence? They can download and use the How to prepare and hold a first meeting with an employee guide that will take them step by step.

Does an employee or manager need to talk about a sensitive topic? The 7 steps to have difficult conversations guide is there to help them make the leap.

A team is about to embark on a new project? The tool How to clarify a project from the get-go or the tool on How to lead a project monitoring meeting can help the team to become more efficient.

The tools are straight to the point and feature modern and inspiring work practices.


Provide tools to your entire organization with the toolbox.

Corporate subscription

I want to educate an unlimited number of people on the best practices to adopt on a specific topic

Let’s say you want to quickly educate all your talent on the topic of proactivity or autonomy.

They all have different schedules and learn at a different pace. With ready-to-train kits, you can make practical learning content accessible to your entire organization. This way, employees and managers can dive in at the pace and time that suits them best.

You can access them via the technological platform of your choice: online, via your intranet, or via your Learning Management System (LMS). This will allow you to keep all your training materials in one place. Practical, isn’t it?

The training tools within a kit are varied. You may find self-assessments, written content, guides, workshops and videos. A kit offers a compendium of best practices related to the soft skill of your choice. Finally, all the tools in the kit encourage action to further consolidate the lessons learned over time.

Ready-to-train kits

Discover the training topics available

Ready-to-train kits

I want to develop the soft skills and behaviours of our teams in a sustainable way

With our interactive paths, we support teams and take them on a learning journey that will promote behavioural changes.

If the ready-to-train kits already allow you to anchor results over time, the courses have the particularity of being even more focused on the team.

An interactive path includes educational content on the themes of your choice, but also launch, debriefing, and co-development workshops, as well as team challenges.

With the courses, you develop the key transferable skills of the teams but you also help them to boost their team spirit and cohesion.

Interactive paths

Boost soft skills and behaviours in a sustainable way

Discover the interactive paths

We hope this article has helped you and if you still have questions about our solutions or autonomous learning, we are here to give you answers.