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2 November 2021

6 min.

Fall 2021: What’s new at Boostalab

At Boostalab, we’re always busy! We are in a continuous learning process and we spend a lot of time improving our solutions and developing high-impact educational content. So, we thought you might be interested in a little recap of our latest developments. Let’s have a look!

2 new ready-to-train kits: Feedback & recognition!


of Canadians are thinking of changing jobs or careers in the next year. Did you know?

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to respond effectively to the needs of your employees. Moreover, feedback and recognition have been proven to be two effective practices to retain and engage them!

Good news! We have developed two ready-to-train kits on these topics!

What’s a ready-to-train kit?

As a reminder, the ready-to-train kit is our ultimate autonomous learning solution. Each kit focuses on the topic or skill of your choice. It gives your teams (and your entire organization!) access to modern, inspiring, simple, and straightforward training content. Even better, it gives learners the chance to acquire a new skill quickly, but at their own pace.

And since each person learns differently, various types of content are offered in a kit: self-assessments, videos, guides to take action, suggested reading, etc.

Ready-to-train kids

Learn more about our ready-to-train kids!

Ready-to-train kits

An overview of the Constructive feedback and High-impact recognition kits

The ready-to-train kit on Constructive feedback allows learners to:

  • Debunk the myths and beliefs surrounding constructive feedback to make it accessible to all
  • Know the characteristics of good feedback and know how to prepare for feedback meetings in order to achieve nothing but a positive result
  • Know how to ask for and receive feedback in order to actively pursue your own development.

Learn more about constructive feedback!

Constructive feedback

The ready-to-train kit on High-impact recognition allows learners to:

  • Integrate recognition into their daily practices through the 4 types of recognition
  • Know how to offer and formulate high-impact recognition
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of recognition
  • Know how to receive recognition with panache

As feedback and recognition are shared responsibilities, raising awareness and training both managers and employees of an organization is recommended. This is why our kits are designed for all individuals, regardless of their role!


Learn more about high-impact recognition!


Tailored solutions to smooth the transition to hybrid mode

The transition to hybrid mode is a major concern for many organizations. That’s why we’ve designed several solutions to address these needs.


We offer various workshops to help you lay the right foundations and give managers the tools they need to handle this challenging transition effectively and with kindness. Through lectures and/or codevelopment workshops, teams can acquire the required basics to transform resistance into engagement, support a person unsettled by the situation, manage uncertainty, and understand their roles in this transition to hybrid mode.

Interactive paths

Finally, to facilitate the transition, it is important to work and grow as a team. To this end, our interactive paths, which focus on the skills to reinforce, guide teams with kindness and dynamism towards the achievement of their goals. They are built on an approach that has proven successful time and time again: practical content, team challenges, learning through action, and debriefing workshops.

For the transition to hybrid mode, we recommend 12 key skills to facilitate the change. You can choose 12 or less, depending on your organization’s needs.

Transitioning to hybrid mode

Learn more about how to make the transition to hybrid mode easier.

Transition to Hybrid Mode

New workshops

Workshop on stress management

In this 90-minute workshop, we will provide participants with tools to develop greater self-awareness, allowing them to be fully present with their teammates. They will discover the 4 types of stressors, how to become aware of what is going on inside of them, and most importantly, how to develop better resistance to stress.

Stress management workshop

Learn how to better manage your stress levels as a team!

Stress Management

Change management workshop

In a 120-minute workshop, we teach participants to adopt the right mindset to prepare for change: showing kindness, identifying new lenses to view the coming change, and managing stress. We also offer a version of the workshop for managers, with a focus on coaching their team in preparation for a period of change.


Prepare for the transitions to come… with kindness!


New guides in the toolbox

We regularly update the Boostalab toolbox with new guides. If you are already a subscriber, go and download them quickly. If you are not yet a subscriber, don’t hesitate to take a look at our packages, we have something for everyone. Whether you are a leader looking to learn, a team, or an organization, we certainly have a package that will suit you!

Here are some of the latest guides:

How to improve team agility

In order to become more flexible while staying on course and organized, it is best to learn tricks to be more agile and to be able to adapt to what our world throws at us and to all kinds of unexpected situations. The more agile the team is, the more it learns and innovates.

But how can we improve as a team to be more agile? What are the behaviors that should be promoted? This new guide will help you first take stock of what you are already doing well and then target actions to prioritize to boost your agility.


Guide: How to improve team agility

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How to have successful meetings in hybrid mode

Hybrid meetings are far from easy or ideal. Since a hybrid meeting almost certainly requires more effort than a fully remote or 100% face-to-face meeting, here’s a guide full of tips and suggestions to help you.


Guide: How to have successful meetings in hybrid mode

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How to keep harmonious relationships under high stress

In situations of high stress, harmony between colleagues is more difficult to maintain. However, high-stress situations can be great opportunities to develop even more meaningful relationships. This guide offers concrete ways to practice showing compassion… and self-compassion, in order to maintain harmonious relationships in high-stress situations.


Guide: How to keep harmonious relationships under high stress

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If you have any questions or are interested in any of these new products, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us or contact us! In the meantime, we will continue to develop solutions that are increasingly adapted to your needs.