At Boostalab

1 March 2022

4 min.

5 things you may not know about Boostalab

Today, we thought we’d share with you 5 things you may not know about us!

In the comments, feel free to tell us if you already knew or if it was a genuine discovery for you! 😉

Boostalab used to be called Boosta

Although the name Boostalab came about quickly, it was not the original name. Originally, we were called Boosta because we wanted to “boost” organizations. In fact, our first guides were called Boosts. Perhaps those who have been following us since the beginning remember?

Boosta eventually became Boostalab because at the heart of Boostalab is the idea that in order to become the best version of yourself, you have to be in a continuous learning process. You have to allow yourself to try and test new things, but also to give yourself the right to make mistakes. Because it is by destabilizing and experimenting that we develop new skills and that is how we transform organizations.

In fact, Boostalab is like a safe space, a laboratory where everything is possible and only the best comes out!

We are a horizontal company

A horizontal company is an organization where decision-making is at the same level as execution. In other words, the notion of hierarchy in the traditional sense of the word is quite far from us! It’s a different way of thinking about work and roles; a way that stimulates growth and propels us in many ways.

Our team is self-managed: we all make decisions together and we consider each of us to be on an equal footing. We advocate autonomy, accountability, and proactivity. We strive to reflect our values: simplicity, growth, and wellbeing. We do not hesitate to question each other in order to always do better for our clients and our community. We help each other a lot and we always keep in mind that fun and balance must be part of the equation!

Remote work is something we know a lot about

We didn’t wait for the pandemic to implement modern work practices. Remote work has always been a reality at Boostalab and that’s why we have such a good knowledge of the best practices of remote collaboration and management. Everything we tell you, we’ve tested and approved!

In fact, we quickly noted the benefits of remote work. Remote and hybrid work offers flexibility that you don’t necessarily have when you have to go to an office. It is particularly appreciated when you have young children to take care of, pets that need attention or simply to avoid the fatigue associated with commuting and traffic jams. We gain time, wellbeing, and productivity.

This does not prevent us from getting together from time to time for meetings and teambuilding activities. These moments have an even more special flavour! We are office nomads, and we like it!

We’re passionate about learning

The reason we talk to you so often about having a learning mindset is that it is a way of life for us! We are always on the lookout for new things to learn and discover.

We are big fans of reading, an essential practice to stay up to date with the latest research in neuroscience, but also for our personal development. We share our best finds with each other via a Slack channel. We also have learning days where we try to spend time learning about a new or challenging topic.

Finally, we set up internal mentoring sessions that we called Growth meditation sessions! This is another way of thinking about performance management. It teaches us to listen and gives us access to the wisdom of our colleagues.

We love rebus puzzles

All right. It’s probably an open secret.

Rebus puzzles are our little ritual when we need to unwind. According to Melanie, a rebus is an emergency that is worth interrupting her!

A good rebus can’t be anticipated: it comes without warning. You have to be ready and have quick fingers on the keyboard because there are people with quick intuition in the team! Deciphering a rebus is quite an art: sometimes you have to be bilingual, interpret the images in the second degree, but above all, you must not take yourself seriously and know how to laugh.

What about you?